30 November 2008

Final Preparations and Nigella

I've managed to upload my photo of Nigella ('the' Domestic Goddess) from my phone, don't you think she is so pretty and I like her fluffy white coat. I wanted to get a signed copy of her Christmas book, but the queue was so long and it was pouring down with rain outside....nevermind.
Last Sunday went really well, we got very good feedback from our tasters (thank you darlings) and we have now finalised our menu. Yay. Grace even popped over to my place for a quality inspection of my green tea cake today.....Hee! Hee! My favourite cake last Sunday has to be the Black Forest Cake (photo above) which I only got a bite from my husband's portion (Grace, you must make me some more, otherwise you may find one missing next week from our stock :)).
Most of the packaging has been bought and organised, this is just a sample:
The pretty apron was given to us by Alex and we will be wearing this on the day. I'm looking forward to next Saturday.

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  1. Just to get a photo of the goddess is manna indeed! Pity you couldn't have asked her where her jacket was from :D

    The cakes are looking lovely as usual. Wish you well for Saturday.