2 December 2008

Birthday cakes birthday cakes...

Even though am supposedly focusing efforts for the fair - I did had a couple of distractions last week - 2 birthday cakes... and one that I was only given notice of in the morning, for the very same evening - yep, so I only had a couple of hours after work to come up with an idea, make it and deliver... I really should be more stringent about lead times... :)

Last minute madness: White chocolate and praline decorated with fresh Strawberries and a mixed berry creme.

Second Cake: A twist on the blackened forest - with the addition of a praline sponge, Baileys creme filling and decorated with special kirsch laced chocolate surprise cups (I loved making those!)


  1. Hello, I had a stall at WeMake London and I have to say that your cakes are the most delciious I have ever tasted!

  2. Hey I bought one of your cupcakes at the WE Make fair & I took a photo of it on my table & now it is my desktop photo, it's soo pretty! The annoying thing is every time I see my desktop I want it haha! I posted it on my blog if you want to have a look!

  3. Hello there! Thanks for your lovely comments Alexandra and 'littleclouds'... ! We are both really excited for the feedback and it's great that you enjoyed our cakes ! :) We had a fab time bringing them to you! Xx