24 November 2008

First snow

So, it was the first snow yesterday, what luck! Could it get any more festive for our Great Tasting afternoon! :)
BIG THANKS to all our tasters and cake munchers... it was a really fun afternoon, the cakes were in abundance and the mulled wine was flowing... Of course, there were some feedback forms on hand to help us on our way... afterall, "there's no such thing as a free cake !";)

Cupcakes Galore:
* Matcha Green Tea cupcakes
* Chocolate Chestnut
* Lemon Glazed and white cherry
* Carrot Cake
* Choco-Banaramel

Other Cakes:
* Cranberry Walnut Brownies
* Cheesecake Brownie bites
* Pistachio and white chocolate mousse mini gateaux
* Mini Blackforest Gateaux
* Baked Vanilla-Caramel-Raspberry Cheesecake
* Mincepie Streusel slices - (I made a batch of these, and put them back in the oven just as people were arriving, to warm through... and of course - me with my less than effective memory forgot all about them, and they didn't make it out for the party ! Doh! Sucha muppet! )


  1. I was wondering where the mince streusel went. Our food tasting was fun yesterday. I sent you a summary of the feedback. :>

  2. aaaaa.... I wish I was there....
    But I will go in december. I will taste all of it! :D Yum!