10 June 2012


My Biggest Project to date... 4 tier wedding cake, to feed 450 people...

After a quick practice a few weeks back, and much to-ing and fro-ing with the flower choice, this was it, the big one.

This was a mammoth cake... the largest tier was 14", weighed around 9kgs, was covered with 2.5kgs of sugarpaste...The whole 4 tiers of cake itself need over 20 blocks of butter, 60 eggs, all tiers plus the extra 14" square cutting cake took 10kgs of sugarpaste... Epic, to say the least.

Having experienced this all first hand, I now I truly appreciate why there are typically large price tags that accompany beautiful wedding cakes. I started 3 days in advance of the wedding, baking on the Wednesday, and filling, stacking and covering on Thursday, Friday was a leisurely pace to finally finish and bling up and box the cakes ready for a 100mile trek to Birmingham delivery.  No kidding, wedding cakes take a lot of time, and love, to make sure everything is absolutely perfect for that one special day.

A true evolution of cake... from tin, to covered and finished
The tilting Turntable
As this was my first wedding cake, I decided NOT to risk it, and deliver the cakes individually boxed, and setup in situ. Definitely recommended for a cake this size, weight, and the distance that was needed to get there... it did mean another hour to finish once I got to Brummyland, though for peace of mind and a smoother, less stressful journey up, it was worth it!

This photo is just funny, looks like my hands are working 
at a frantic pace... hahaha!

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  1. the cake is wonky in the frantic picture :P