10 June 2012

Special Cakes (Part 2)

I am so poor at this blogging... I am so behind in logging all these new cake adventures I have been on this year!

Well, following on from part 1 of the cakes for lovely girls, I had another birthday cake in March that I need to tell you about. This one, was again more work with icing, though it was a happy medium, as I used my usual sponge recipe, and filled it with Rose and Vanilla cream, and fresh strawberries... then topped with multi coloured macarons! The birthday girl's favourite !!! Her other half dubbed it the best gracie cake he has had yet... The birthday girl was also very happy with it... :)

Hubby thought the concept was very cute, he liked the colours of the multi sized macarons, said they reminded him of the LV colours he had seen on one of their wallet designs! What do you think?

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