13 October 2008

Wemake Fair, More Truffles and the Disappearing Strawberries

I've been quite busy working with the lovely Mary Mcdermot from Wemake on the admin side of the fair in Christmas. So far:

  • I have sent her my food safety and hygiene certificates - very important
  • Agreed that the Choir should get some treats from us for volunteering to sing at the fair
  • Wemake has sent us the invite for the Christmas fair
  • Discussing the 50p voucher (some of the summer fruits will not be in season during Christmas time, so the photos on this draft voucher may change to more seasonal cakes)
  • Providing information on the name badges
  • Sorting out what we can and can not sell in the Church
  • Writing the Seller Feature

I have also been making more truffles, this time the chestnut milk chocolate coated in dark chocolate and coating in chocolate shavings. The verdict was that most people could not taste the Chestnut, so I may think of something else.....

I also managed to buy some lovely strawberries at my local supermarket, which was great considering they are out of season now. So I made my Mum her favourite strawberry and cream swiss roll. I used half of the strawberries in this cake and I thought I'd use the rest in an almond strawberry cupcake. When it came to making the cupcakes, my strawberries were gone? Shock, horror, my husband and rascal had eaten them all. I think I will have to use rasberries or black berries next time.I will post the photo of the cupcake when I buy some fruits.

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  1. hehe!! nice strawberries disappear quickly. Really looking forward to your shop in Dec. I think I might be buying the whole lot... yum yum...