12 October 2008

Cheesecakin' around...

Well, I mentioned last time that I had got a new baking pan… so this has been my toy recently, and with it I have been having a lot of fun experimenting with mini cheesecakes.
I have settled on a lovely vanilla cheesecake filling and I took a wander down the biscuit aisle in the supermarket for inspiration to move away from the typical digestives base… I am now happy with the variation I have come up with; nutty and crunchy - adds a nice twist!
So armed with the basics, I have experimented with adding various flavours to varying degrees of success. The banoffee was lush, and the cookies and cream also seemed popular… rum & raisin didn't have the kick I was anticipating... though my personal favourite was a combination of fresh raspberries topped with caramel swirls and more berries…

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  1. Hiya Gracie!

    What do you think of a ginger biscuit base for Christmas??