8 January 2012

New Year, New Resolutions... New ideas...?

So.. the new year is upon us? What resolutions are out there ? There is always the usual weightloss one that everyone has... 1 stone... 2 stone... ? Why oh why is it soooOooOOo easy to put on, though so difficult to work off ???  Despite this, am determined to do it properly this time, with noticeable difference... hahaha ... !  We'll see... 

Other things to consider for the new year... More cakes ? New style of cakes... !

Yes, It is balanced on a mixing bowl... :P
Here is the birthday cake that I made yesterday for a very special little girl... The brief was pretty simple, just simple flavours, colour scheme - maybe pinks... it is her First birthday cake afterall... something suitably girlie :)  So armed with pretty much free license... I set upon a spring themed Butterflies and Blossoms cake. The 4 layers of vanilla sponge, and originally, I was thinking strawberries and cream filling, though with 3 layers of filling required, why not go Neopolitan, so one layer of Strawberry Cream with Bananas (her favourite) one layer with vanilla cream with fresh strawberries, and a thin layer of chocolate cream to finish it off.... Should be quite pretty when cut open?   

I am not usually very keen on sugarcraft, as I think icing cakes are a bit clawingly sweet... though I surprised myself with just how much fun it was to make! I think I may just have to experiment further... :P  In my defence, I used a whipped white chocolate ganache instead of the usual rolled fondant icing to cover and act as a base, so that it would be less sugary sweet. It did make it a bit less stable, and does need refrigeration before serving... though I think it will make it tastier in the long run...


  1. how did you make the flowers and butterflies??

  2. Hi Kim,

    They are made from rolled, coloured sugarpaste, and then cut into the flowers and butterflies.. then gently shaping between chopsticks and props to make them a bit more 3D looking! :)