3 October 2010

A change of seasons...

Autumn is definitely here... I just bought myself a 13.5tog duvet ready as the chillier nights draw in and my first official bake to mark the change in season?  What could be more comforting than good old fashioned Apple Pie... Encased with a crisp light flakey crust and filled with chunky apples and warming cinammon with just a hint of nutmeg. 

I am not a big pie baker, usually more cakes rather than puddings... though I thought I would make the effort this weekend, as last weekend I brought over a Spanish tortilla over to my parents' house - and as soon as I got through the door, dad caught a quick glimpse of my dish, and exclaimed that I had made him apple pie!  As he trailed me into the kitchen, he was somewhat disappointed that it was a tortilla and no pie. (Yes! He is to blame for my sweet tooth!!!)  So of course, I felt bad, just from his sheer enthusiasm to lukewarm realisation that I was only armed with a savoury snack. 

Yesterday, I stocked up on a bounty of apples (Bramleys, Cox's, Granny Smiths and threw in a couple of Pink Lady's too!) . Got myself a pie dish, well, if you are going to do it properly... ;)  And I was ready to go!

The pastry was flakey and crispy, no soggy bottom which was my main fear - I par-cooked the apples in a mixture of sugar, cinammon and cornflour before filling the case, it looked very proud as I tucked them in with their pastry duvet. Though after cooking, the apples had shrunk back a bit.   This didn't really affect the quality of the pie, though wondering if it's an apple thing. Maybe if I stick to Bramley's there will be less shrinkage? Or is there always going to be a gap between finished pie crust and apple filling inside? hmm...? Answers on the back of a postcard... :)

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