5 April 2009

Les macarons...

My latest adventure, the intriguing macaron... such a neat little pretty package made of 3 simple ingredients - though has managed to present so many problems and discussions to baking enthusiasts all across the ether...

So how did I fair? Well, it wasn't the success I had hoped for, and will require further attempts. My batter did flow like magma, though was a little worryingly flat when i piped out my little disks. Though after resting them for half an hour to develop the shiny skin, I carely popped them into the oven. After around 8 minutes, I had a flutter of excitement, as I noticed the "feet" slowly emerging. Though this was short lived, as I noticed that the feet were not standing tall and upright, as they began to spread outwards as they were more akin to doing sideway splits. I removed them from the oven and was semi happy with them. They had a nice shiny coat, though I couldn't help but be slightly disappointed in their flat-footedness...

I have since learnt that this could be a combination of the egg-whites not being ages long enough, and/or overmixing... So, will have to try again ! Watch this space!!!

(Yesterday's project - chocolate nest gateaux... Happy Birthday S !)

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  1. AnonymousJune 14, 2010

    Hey i,ve made them on cooking mama haha