27 August 2008

Baking obsessions...

Well... I suppose it's about time I put in an appearance and didn't just wait around for Mary to keep the blog going single-handedly!

So we had our first tasting session this weekend... we were at the mercy of Mary's decadent chocolate brownies, and summery strawberry swiss roll. Verrry indulgent... !

After a flash of inspiration for something to counter the soft foofyness of baked delights, my contribution to the table was the rocky road popcorn bites that you see in the picture above. We were very pleased with how these turned out... aesthetically - though they didn't quite do what popcorn should do. It was most definitely not a ronseal moment, especially when Mary scrunched up her nose at them. They were tasty enough... though admittedly, the coating was a bit heavy and too sweet. Not to be defeated at the first hurdle and after a bit of slightly obsessive experimentation and tweaking over the long weekend, I think we might be onto something a little bit special! The clusters are light and and have a satisfying crunch, we are still playing around with the combination of flavours, so hopefully next time around we will get the Mary seal of approval.

However, with all this experimentation and taste-testing going on from now till December, I fear that the 'puddings' will actually be the ones serving behind our stall, when the fair finally comes around... ;)

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